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Good mature paranormal story

Bad II the Bone(# 1) - Anton Marks

When I first read the prologue, I wasn’t sure this book was for me, but the premise was interesting so I pushed through. I’m glad I did. Bad II the Bone is a fast paced, witty yet very, very dark and spooky book which follows a number of characters in a voodoo riddled London.  The main characters are Y, Patra and Suzy, three martial arts trained women with inexplicable abilities, who were thrown together by fate and have stuck together and forged a friendship based on more than girly chitchat. The girls bring the fun factor to this book in spite of its dark context (trust me, it gets really really weird!). Other than my initial hesitation, I was never bored with the fantastical world Marks created and I felt properly spooked in many parts of the book. Recommended for readers looking for a more mature paranormal and high-octane read.