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Enjoyable addition to a unique YA series

Shattered (Hidden Series Book Three) - M. Lathan

Another enjoyable read in this unique YA paranormal series. I liked seeing things from Nathan’s point of view, as well as Chris’s. His voice, weirdly, made me warm to Chris more than I did in the other books. The story itself was a bit more obvious than the first two books but it still kept me eagerly turning pages. The only (sort of) let-down for me was that I thought the story would end after this instalment but turns out M. Lathan has more for us. This made the end a little unsatisfying. I also wasn’t sure I agreed with what Nathan “had” to do at the temple to make sure Chris’s soul remained (for lack of a better word) unsullied. It just seemed a bit odd that everyone was okay with letting him do what he did. What about his soul? Anyway, I’m not sure what “fresh” angle Lathan’s going to take the story down but I wish her the best of luck.