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Cords of the Ascendant (The Power Business) (Volume 1) - Cherese A. Vines

Sci-fi stories tend to be hit or miss for me but I really enjoyed this one. Fast-paced and not the tome so many sci-fi books tend to be, Cord of the Ascendant kept me turning its pages to see if I’d figured out the plot direction (I won’t say if I did). The story is told from at least three points of view but mainly from the protagonist’s (Maxwell Charles) POV. I liked Maxwell as a character and all through the book he came across as sincerely believing in what he was trying to achieve. His reason for planting a nanochip in the president wasn’t immediately revealed so I wasn’t sure if I should be cheering him on at first. When we were told why, I kind of felt like he was overreacting but the story wouldn’t have worked without that element. There are a lot of flashbacks to help move the story along so prepare yourself for many scenery switches. For technology buffs, the inner-workings of the nanochip technology are never fully explained but that didn’t take away from the story. The reason for the psychic link also never gets bottled out (or at least I never quite understood why it was there) but, again, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story. Since the book is the first in the “Power Business Collection”, I don’t think it’d be a spoiler to say that it ends with the allusion of a continuation, not a cliff-hanger though (thank goodness).