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To say that this book annoyed me is an understatement. I put it down so many times in anger and considered if I should bother carrying on because it felt to me that Toke decided not to see what was right before her and coated this insane abusive relationship with the word, love. Whatever she felt for Maje was obsessive and needy and, in part, encouraged his behaviour because he knew she would always take him back in spite of all the cheating and lying. I'm not saying I didn't feel sorry for her, it's impossible not to, but the poor girl should have walked away so early on in the relationship that it became difficult to empathise with her when he committed yet another unspeakable act and she forgave him...again! This book gets a three star because of her courage to share the truth with the world. Stories like this need to be told to help women in similar situations wake up to the reality of their (I'll say it) stupidity. It doesn't sound like he ever hit her, but the psychological abusive she received did a lot worse.