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Hush Money (Talent Chronicles, #1)

Hush Money (Talent Chronicles, #1) - Susan Bischoff I bought Hush Money after reading the teaser novella, Impulse Control, and I'm really glad I did. Joss and Dylan are believable teen characters in a world where possessing supernatural abilities is not uncommon, but is punishable by incaceration. I liked that Joss started off a little weak (eg, bullying scene with Marco, Jeff and Trina) but she came out stronger in the end. Dylan - I loved him despite the fact that he made incredibly stupid choices by hanging out with Marco and engaging in illegal activites. Marco was a pretty good villian too, although he came across as much older than the rest of the kids at times. Might be the evil in him...The only real drawback for me with the story was that there wasn't an explanation as to how none of the parents had abilities. Maybe it'll all be made clear in book two. Definitely giving that a read.