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Hidden Gem (Hidden Gem, #1)

Hidden Gem (Hidden Gem, #1) - India Lee It's difficult to review this one without giving it a half star rating because sometimes I kind of liked it and then I wasn't too sure. Gemma actually came across really well as a teen girl stuck between two worlds. I was excited about how she could sustain her double life and her possible romance with Lucas from the start. The problem was, Tyler sort of came into the picture, then Damian. All nice guys so I couldn't figure out who to cheer for. Then there was a very awkward chapter after prom where her brother didn't seem to have a problem with the fact that she was possibly going to sleep with one of his friends in a house he rented. Very odd indeed. The narrative voice was also too heavy on the telling side but I got over that eventually. Thank goodness there is a sequel because it wasn't a very satisfactory ending for her and, ehem, one of the boys I was hoping she'd end up with. 3.5 stars!