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Grimm's Fairy Tales - Wilhelm Grimm Over the years, I've read a considerable amount of fairytales so I was familiar with most of the stories in this collection (in one form or another). However I was surprised at how dark some of the themes were, especially if they were intended for children. Good always seems to prevail but not in the way we would think. With faithful servants being beheaded and frogs being smashed on walls before their worth emerges, no wonder Disney et al have glossed the stories up to suit modern day sensitivities. Not all the stories had happy endings and even those that did were not exactly what I would have called pleasant I have no problem with realistic endings so this didn't bother). One to read first before reading out loud to your six year old.

My favourite stories were "Bearskin" and "One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes". I'd never heard of either and I was well entertained by the stories.