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Phantasma (Phantasma, #1) - Penelope Reece Have you ever clucked disapprovingly at people who read books as they walk down the street? Well, that was me today, holding on to my Kindle as I occasionally glanced up to ensure I wasn't going to slam into anyone. Why? Because this book was so good, I couldn't wait to see how it would end. I've read a few ghost stories lately which left me confused and very disappointed by their lack of originality. Seriously, I was ready to cross off ghost/possession stories from my list. This, on the other hand, had me gripped from start to finish. It's very well written and keeps you wondering what will happen next, even when you think you've sussed the story (I didn't see that end coming!). I'm a little surprised that it appears to be part of a series as I thought the story could have ended in this book, but I guess that just means we get to hear more from Alphie and Noer soon. Very much recommended!