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Under the Black Clouds - Suren Hakobyan,  Suren Fant I don’t usually breakdown ratings when I review books but I have to this time. Why? I loved the story and it freaked me out so much that I had to occasionally look up to remind myself that it wasn’t real. But (and this is a humongous but), whoever translated and edited the story massively let it down. In fact, if I wasn’t hooked from pretty early on in the story, I would have dropped the book after a few chapters in. The edition I read was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and additional random words that had no business showing up where they did. If you can take a deep breath and ignore the editing, there is a fantastic story hidden in there. Sometimes it felt like there was a lot more narration than necessary but I was too caught up in finding out what would happen to Danny and his companions that I didn’t really care. Despite the poor editing, I would read more from this author (but he needs to get someone else to read his translated work). So here’s my breakdown as promised (out of 5):

Story/Plot – 5/5
Pacing/Writing – 3.5/5
Editing – 1/5 (someone needs to be fired)

Overall – 3/5