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Countercharm 2: Of Stars and Dreams

Countercharm 2: Of Stars and Dreams - Cherese A. Vines First thing to note is that you have to read the first book in this series before you read this one (I know it sounds obvious but you won’t get a lot of the gist of this book if you don’t). In this book, Sydnie finally has her mother back and they try to find her father with the help of Neal but are faced with many obstacles along the way. Overall, I found the storyline and vibe to be really rich and entertaining but there were a couple of things which stopped me from enjoying it as much as I could have. Like the first book in this series, there were multiple changes of POV within paragraphs (all through the book) and this really confused me. I’m all for multiple POV but not as often as was done here. I sometimes struggled to keep up with who was doing what and that broke up the flow. There was also plenty of action (much more than in the first book) but I found that it was difficult to follow some of the twists in the story because characters kept popping in an out of scenes. This might not be an issue for other readers if fast paced action is your thing. If you don't mind what I've pointed out so far, you'll have a quick and fun read based in a world (quite different from ours) filled with charms and dimension hopping.

This isn’t really a spoiler but even though the book is resolved quite well at the end, it feels like there could be a third part in the series with Cherese exploring Neal’s story a bit more (what happened to his sister and why does it matter?). I’d definitely read it if it gets written.