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Sophie's Secret (Whispers, #1)

Sophie's Secret (Whispers, #1) - Tara West True rating - 2.5

I hate to give this book a poor rating especially when the idea is pretty good but I couldn't lie to myself and say I liked it. The characters were so fickle, it was worrying at times. When Sophie inferred that she was better than someone in her school because her parents didn't work at KMart, then went on to call Tyler a beast (especially after Sophie had been bullied before for being overweight), I prayed West would write some redeeming qualities for the girls but this never happened. Real shame though because, as I said before, the idea was good and a lot of the scenes were sweet and made me smile. I just couldn't get over how obsessed they were with being pretty or how awful they were about other people. Also some explanation about how three friends could develop visions, mind reading abilities and ghost seeing powers out of nowhere (thankfully not all the same person) would have been good.