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Lately, and My Dreams

Lately, and My Dreams - Jessica L. Lyons I laughed out loud at many points as I read this book. The dreams were very vivid and funny (although sometimes a bit too graphic for me) and at first I prefered them to the real life events Aundri (protagonist) was experiencing but as the story developed, this flipped and I finally began to empathise with her. It did feel a little like the story got wound up too quickly and neatly at the end especially with regards to resolving her issues with her husband. Nonetheless, a funny heartwarming story of a woman's anxieties manifesting in her dreams and how she manages to deal with them. I wish I could give this a three and a half star rating because I really liked it but not quite enough for a four star rating if I compare it to other books I've given four stars. Would certainly recommend it.