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Good but too much angst

Barbie World (Baby Doll Series) - Heidi Acosta

Once I finished Barbie Girl, I didn’t blink as I rushed to buy Barbie World. I had high hopes, maybe a little too much, which is why this book left me feeling confused. I still (sort of) liked Barbie, Dylan, Third and Roxie but aaaaaaargh! That’s how I felt for most of the story. There was far too much teenage angst in this one for me to love it. Yes, Barbie had a tortured past, and I appreciate some of the decisions she made but, my goodness, I kept wanting to shake her and yell “make up your mind already!” Dylan? Again, what is wrong with that boy? He dates Katie yet hates her and keeps trying to get with Barbie. Even when she appears to be dating Kai! Yet he’s the guy readers are supposed to be gushing over? And that ending – rushed is an understatement. It wasn’t a bad book, but when I started skipping pages to avoid unnecessary scenes of sexual frustration, I knew it wasn’t great either. Read this if you want to find out what happens with Barbie and Dylan, but brace yourself.