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Action packed sequel

Ice Country - David Estes

If you're looking for an action packed YA dystopian sequel, this is it! I have to admit, I enjoyed Fire Country much more than Ice Country. I think I had less of an emotional connection with Dazz than I did with Siena in the first book. Plus, after reading a few books by David Estes, I'm beginning to sense a pattern which means I get jaded by the story line too quickly. It's not a biggie but I'm fairly certain that's why it took me an exceptionally long time to finish the story. Nonetheless, the story ties in nicely with Fire Country and draws us into the next book in the Country Saga. If you've read Fire Country and like action, action and more action (and yes, as always, there are "close to home" casualties...is that a spoiler?) then you'll like this.