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A delight!

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

This book gave me so much joy! It’s a simple story; teenage girl finds herself in foreign location she doesn’t particularly want to be in, she befriends a boy and falls for him even though he has a girlfriend and multiple girls fawning over him. Cue teenage angst and melodrama but in a way that doesn’t grate on the sense. Anna was annoying sometimes and a little immature/ignorant for someone who eventually turns eighteen in the story but I didn’t totally dislike her. Etienne/St Clair was dreamy enough and yet flawed enough to make me cheer him on even when he was being stupid. I’m happy the mishaps and villains in the story weren’t overplayed. I’ve found a lot of recent contemporary romance writers get so carried away with trying to create the perfect tragic story that they lose the essence of the tale. Overall, I’m really glad I read this. Recommended for a dreamy smiley simple break from your worries.